Wall Colors Patterns

East Texas Rebath gives you the best bathroom products and accessories for all of your needs. Remodel, replacements, or creating your new space, we have everything that you want! This is your only stop for all of your projects in the entire East Texas area.

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Re-Bath®’s wide selection of wall colors and patterns allow you to customize your bathroom as you wish. Re-Bath® wall surrounds are custom manufactured for your individual bath. Our wall surrounds and wainscoting are grout free and made out of our state-of-the-art DuraBath® Solid Surface Polymer material. DuraBath® Solid Surface Polymer is resistant to mold and mildew leaving you with a durable, clean and beautiful space. Re-Bath® offers an array of colors and patterns to enhance your bathroom.

You will also find a few good things in our website. We have an online designing tool to help you put your creative inputs into real pictures.

Wall System Colors

Re-Bath® offers a variety of wall surround and wainscoting color options to match your personal style and upgrade your bathroom.

Wall System Patterns

In addition to choosing the color of your wall system, customize it further by selecting a Re-Bath® wall pattern. There are endless pattern choices that can give your wall a smooth, tiled, or slate appearance.

Feel free to contact us for any discussions and consultations for your projects. Our professional designers are more than willing to help you with any concerns and plan the future of your bathroom space. Never waste an opportunity to have a great bathroom.