Walk in Bathtubs

Safety measures are already essential factors to be added when thinking of bathroom remodeling. These are important most especially if you are living with children, people with limited mobility like aging in place family members or person with disability. Re-Bath® located in East Texas, would like to introduce you to a growing trend in bathroom remodeling – the walk-in bathtub. It is an ideal bathtub for ADA and Aging In Place customers because of the added convenience and safety it offers.

Walk in bathtub replacements offer easy entry, comfortable seating, easy-to-reach faucets and convenient grab bars. And with a water depth of almost two and a half feet, the walk-in bathtub ensures a relaxing, comfortable bath even while sitting upright. So it is very important to discuss this with professionals, incorporate with the design that you have in mind so the style and convenience can still be achieved at the end of the day. Not only that, walk in products are carefully designed to match every need of the customers with special cases. This is to prevent injuries and to keep your family members safe at all times especially inside the bathroom which is said to be the unsafe part of the house.

Choose from our line of soaker safety baths or add the “water massage” water jets, air jets or both to your bathtub renovation. Learn more about your options with our easy bathroom design tool. You can now experience accessible and safe bathing at the comfort of your home. Browse through the website for you have an idea of the best walk in products that fits for you and your family.

Rebath wants you to experience all these, giving you an expertly combined bathroom products and fixtures to experience relaxing, invigorating shower and bath that you deserve. Contact us now and let us talk about remodeling your bathroom within your budget.

Immerse yourself in luxury in one of Re-Bath’s select Walk In Tubs