Bathtub to Shower Conversions

If you are having problem with your bathroom space and your bath tub is consuming more of that limited space, now is the time to switch over to a modernly designed shower. Bath tubs are out, showers are in. Convert your old worn out bathtub into a beautiful DuraBath® Solid Surface Polymer shower, complete with new shower walls and bases. Learn more about bathtub to shower conversions.

At Re-Bath®, bathroom remodeling is not only our business but also our passion; to deliver good quality bathroom remodeling within your budget. We are the leading experts in converting old tubs to brand new showers. It actually depends on customer’s preferences but it is highly recommended to take good cold showers as study shows cold showers could help you gain some benefits like to increase alertness, ease stress, refines your hair and skin, improves immunity and blood circulation and many more. For some, showers are simply more convenient. For others, as they mature in years, converting that old tub to a safe, convenient and easy to clean shower can greatly extend the length of time they can stay in their own home.

Re-Bath®, located at East Texas, will make sure that new shower has a built-in seat, well placed grab bars and easy to clean grout free walls for the confidence of knowing you have the safest and most convenient bath environment possible.

All Re-Bath® shower bases and wall surrounds are made from our proprietary and exclusive DuraBath® Solid Surface Polymer material, which offers the industry’s highest ratings on performance and durability. Our factory trained installation crews can usually finish the conversion in as a little as one day so you will have your bathroom back the next day! And it comes with Re-Bath’s Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Choose from more than a dozen wall colors, shower base colors, and accessories to design your bath to be a statement of your own personal style and taste.

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