4 Things to Do Before a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling horror stories abound, but you can make your own bathroom remodel go smoothly with a few simple steps.

Having a bathroom remodeled is quite an inconvenience. We often cannot predict how inconvenient it will be to lose one of the washrooms in our home, even in a home with several of them. In addition, it is difficult to live your normal rhythm of life with workers present, dust, and all of the general struggle involved in any remodeling job.

The problem is that many people live in remodeling denial. They believe their remodeling job will go as smoothly as possible, be finished early and under budget, and not create much inconvenience while it is occurring. While this is indeed a possible outcome – and the goal of high quality bathroom contractors – life does not always go so smoothly. You should plan for a little mess and inconvenience. You should be prepared to live your life normally despite these factors. Here are four things you can do before your bathroom remodel to make your life easier throughout the process.

1. Plan to handle toileting and bathing elsewhere.

Does this seem basic? You’d be surprised at how many home owners neglect it. Regardless of the scale of your bathroom remodel, remove all personal belongings and put them in the other bathroom. If you do not have a second bathroom, rent a port-a-potty, call upon a neighbor’s mercy, or otherwise plan to use a different bathroom. Do not plan to use the bathroom being remodeled, even if it seems possible.

2. Plan for privacy.

There will be workers in your home during a remodeling process. Getting the job done quickly may require that they be there early or late. Plan for this. Consider where and how you will eat, change clothing, and do other tasks that we generally do in the privacy of our homes with many other people present.

3. Clear the work area – including entrances and exits.

You will feel less inconvenienced if you aren’t stepping under a ladder to get your keys from their hook next to the door. All furniture and personal belongings should be cleared not just from the space being remodeled, but from the path in and out of these spaces.

4. Plan for children and pets to be elsewhere.

You may have noticed that it is impossible to get anything done with a toddler around. Your contractor and workers will likely have the same issue. In addition, children and pets are simply not safe with tools and power equipment. Unfortunately, children and pets alike are naturally curious about new happenings in their home. Plan for curious kids and pets to be somewhere else when work is happening.

A newly remodeled bathroom is more than worth any inconvenience, but it can go smoothly if you plan ahead and follow these steps. If you have questions about how to prepare for your own remodeling job, talk to an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor today.

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