The Top 5 Mistakes in Bathroom Remodeling – And How to Avoid Them


Bathroom remodeling regrets are unfortunately common and entirely preventable. Here are a five mistakes that every homeowner should avoid.

Have you ever been shown a newly remodeled room that just wasn’t right? We’ve all been there. You don’t know what to say so you give a generic compliment while secretly wondering what went wrong. This is a shame, because bathroom remodeling requires both time and money. You should come out of the process with a washroom that is functional, attractive, and suitable for your personal sense of style.

Avoid These Five Common Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes that can make your bathroom look more muddled than remodeled. Luckily, they are easy to avoid.

  • 1. Not listening to your bathroom remodeling contractor. Most homeowners will only go through the bathroom remodeling process once. Your contractor, on the other hand, has seen hundreds or even thousands. While they do not have the final word, you should give their advice heavy consideration.
  • 2. Keeping an awkward floor plan to save money and/or time. In many bathrooms, the layout is the main problem. Changing out a few fixtures has little effect because the underlying issue has not been dealt with. While it costs more to make layout changes than stylistic ones, it will pay off when you are left with a more functional, attractive, and usable space.
  • 3. Going cheap on details. You may not consciously notice the faucets, light fixtures, and switch plates upon entering a bathroom, but they make a huge subconscious impression. Give as much thought to the little decisions as to the larger ones.
  • 4. Not picking and sticking to one style or theme. Eclectic bathroom design has been known to work, but in many cases it does not. Unless you are an interior designer, the best approach is to pick a style, such as traditional, modern, or midcentury. Then, make sure all of your choices are compatible with this style.
  • 5. Forgetting that less is more. Too much detail, too large of fixtures, too many overly stylized accent pieces. It’s all too much! If you are choosing an ornate vanity, detailed tile, or another attention grabber, try to keep the rest of the design simple. Similarly, make sure your fixtures fit the scale of your bathroom and won’t overwhelm the space.

A bathroom remodel is an investment that should pay off. Talk to an experienced contractor today if you want an end result that you will love.