Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel

Are you preparing to remodel a bathroom? These tips will get you through the process painlessly.

Remodeling can be a stressful process for any homeowner. This is especially true when remodeling a bathroom. Although most homes now have a spare bathroom, so you won’t be left without modern plumbing, you still will have to live with one less bathroom as well as a little bit of inconvenience. However, you can and will survive the remodel if you choose the right contractor and prepare for the remodeling work ahead of time.

We’ve all heard remodeling horror stories: people left for weeks without a toilet or shower, or workers who tracked mud over an antique Persian rug. However, these tend to be rare. If you have chosen a reliable bathroom remodel contractor, your main issues will be related to logistics. You can get through these little logistical inconveniences with good planning and solid communication.

1. Talk to Your Contractor

This may seem like common sense, but many people fail to communicate well with their contractor. What time will workers be at your home? What fixtures will be out of commission and on what dates? Contractors can sometimes modify plans to leave you with a usable bathroom as long as possible throughout the remodel if they know (for example) that it is your only bathroom with a shower. At the very least, they can direct you to resources like Port-a-Potty rentals.

If you and your spouse work during the day, make sure workers and the contractor both have numbers where they can reach you. Similarly, make sure you have the contractor’s number.

2. Choose to Remodel at the Right Time

Remodeling when you are toilet training your two-year-old might not be the best timing. Similarly, don’t remodel a bathroom one week before a large party or other home event. Sometimes life happens and people must remodel in less than ideal circumstances, but don’t purposely create a stressful situation.

3. Plan Ahead

If you have another bathroom, plan to use it exclusively. Move all of your necessary items in there. If you are remodeling your only bathroom, plan on renting temporary toilet facilities and washing in an alternate location, such as a friend’s house or even your own kitchen sink. If you have been considering a vacation, taking one while your home is being remodeled can reduce the stress immensely.

4. Remember Murphy’s Law

Sometimes remodeling doesn’t go as planned, even with the best contractor. Maybe some wiring needed redone; perhaps flooding stopped work; maybe you changed your own mind about the design plans. Leave a small financial cushion and also a time cushion for unforeseeable circumstances. While these are rare, they do happen. Your blood pressure will be much lower if you plan for the few most common contingencies.

If you have any questions about how you personally should prepare for a bathroom remodel, talk to your contractor. If you don’t have a contractor yet, call us today to discuss how you can get the bathroom of your dreams with as little inconvenience as humanly possible.